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Allen Price

Pastoral Liturgical Musician

Saxophones, Flutes, Clarinets, Recorders



Music is my avocation, my passion, and my profession.

It is in awe, honor, respect, and ultimate thanksgiving that I reverently offer what I have been given, back to my creator, in the service of his church.

It is my belief that;

  • “The Word”
  • Music
  • Liturgy, or (ceremonial form)

 These are three key ingredients for communal worship.

The prayerful application of these elements is essential for an effective worship dialog.

Music supports the other two elements, and provides the tie that binds them together.

It should also provide a vehicle for the Holy Spirit to enter in, and effect an affect, that is common to all that hear. Thus allowing all hearts and minds to be of one accord.




 My Personal Faith and Mission Statement for Music Ministry.



To express love for God and, to serve his church, through music;


By providing a vehicle for the uplifting my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, thru the inspiration and power of the Holy Spirit. And to share this, in support of the congregation, and its pastorate. With music that at once supports the Liturgy, and maintains an atmosphere conducive to the worship experience. That it might help to bring hearts and minds into one accord and to bring that collective offering to a higher plane.


To soften the hard heart, and the stiff necked stubborn spirit, so that they might be able and willing to receive the Holy Word that is meant for them.


That the music might serve to uplift, console, inspire and lighten the burden of those who hear it.


To support, the mission of the church, it’s Pastor, the Presider, and the established music ministry. In recognition, and respect for the ministry’s leadership, and established traditions.


 Fulfilling the need for liturgical ceremony, with honor, dignity, and awareness.


To live a sanctified lifestyle that will allow me to maintain an anointing for this purpose.



Ecumenical, Interdenominational

Liturgical, / Pastoral Musician

Instrumentalist, able to support existing ensembles, in Liturgy and Worship.  Ceremonies, and or;

A guest solo artist, and or augmentation to existing ensembles.

Christian and Jewish


Ceremonies and Celebration.


SpecialChurch Day Celebrations


Classical Music


Flute, with

Guitar, Cello, or Keyboard



Clarinet solo

Jewish Religious Music       Klezmer, Eastern European




Tenor Saxophone,


Hymns in the Black Gospel tradition,

Funk and smooth sounds



Soloist, and or ensemble support.

Introductions, Interludes, Solos, Background lines, fill, counter lines, endings


Good Reader…or… Can Play By Ear…and or…, Improvise in the appropriate style. 


Sensitivity to Proper Liturgical priories, for worship, for flow, and appropriate selections programmed for the service and worship community.


I can play as a Soloist, or ensemble augmentation, support or substitute.

  • Religious Worship service celebrations
  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • SpecialDayChurch Celebrations  
  • Liturgical  service                  
  • Ceremonial music
  • Military Ceremony specialist!
  • Ensemble Rehearsalist, Clinician
  • Celebrations
  • Fund raisers
  • Holidays
  • Social mixers, dinners, and dancing
  • Luncheons, Breakfast, Suppers
  • Meetings
  • Parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Homecoming



    • Clinics, seminars, and workshops
    • Conventions!
    • Jazz Vespers……..concert form and services
    • Music Services
    • Awards
    • Recital Concerts
    • Summer time sub, and or augmentation
  • I have been to publishers conventions, to play the wood wind parts of new arrangements
  • Special holiday music augmentation, or primary musician

Some suggested ensembles that I commonly provide music for.



Church Bands, and Orchestras


20 piece big bands


Combos of all sizes


Duos, trios, 4&5tets


Solo unaccompanied


Chamber ensembles
























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