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Allen Price


Clarinets, Flutes, Saxophones, Classical Recorders,

Allen Price is a Wood Wind, Multi –Instrumentalist, Concert Piano Tuner Technician, and Music Educator.



Live music, for any occasion! For what ever your music needs may be!


Whether your need is;

  • a concert performance for your gathering, or venue.
  • Providing the right ambiance, and entertainment for your function.
  • A Professional Substitute musician.  (that will keep your gig safe)
  •  utility reed player
  • Pit musician…. Theater, or Show band
  • An extra or auxiliary musician.


“Allen Price has always focused on musical diversity.”

As a performer,    (Flutes, Clarinets, Saxophones, Oboe, and Recorders)

I am a mostly self employed, freelance, wood wind performer and recording artist.

With 30 years of professional experience.


Styles and repertoire include;


Light Classical solo recital repertoire.


Jazz styles


Rock Styles


Blues styles




R&B    Soul


Dance Music









Safety First!

…..As a member of the American Federation of Musicians, (AFL/CIO) I can offer you the best contract in the business. The Union contract protects you, the customer.

It assures quality, and services on agreed upon terms.

You are assured of good, highly qualified musicians with decades of experience.

Professional in attitude!



Excellent performers!




Music can entertain, or be ceremonially functional.

It can provide ambiance, and or a vehicle for a lasting impression.

Live performers with a sensitivity toward how music works, and what a client wants can taper the performance to the need. All the while being dynamic and flexible to the situation at hand.

Live musicians can provide flexibility, to manage the texture of an event, with the flow that is desired from beginning to end to ensure the desired result.

  • Ambiance….texture and mood perfect for the occasion, and setting.
  • Entertainment….Concerts, and dance music for any venue.
  • Ceremonial Music…. (secular or Religious.) Selections and performance appropriate for the occasion, and the setting.
  • Art Music….allied to the setting and purpose?  (chamber concert, recitals, lectures, clinics…etc.)
  • Religious Music…. For worship, or ceremony
  • Music to Celebrate…….party music, festive traditions, and yes Dance music.
  • I can also provide authentic ethnic music!
  • Ballroom, and Social Dance
  • Salsa/ Latin styles
  • Vintage, or Currant popular styles



 The Ambassadors;      Corporate functions

Diplomat music support service

The Ambassadors



Providing the appropriate music, for the appropriate occasion, and setting, so that important business, and or celebration can have the desired effect.

I have been trained in diplomatic music by the best.

After 30 years, and thousands of missions I have gotten pretty good at it.

Now I am pleased to offer the same service and expertise to individuals, and Corporate sponsors.

Classical duos, and Solos with or without accompaniment.

Jazz, in the style that you prefer.   Older historic styles, classic traditional forms.

 Smooth Jazz or Funk.

 Latin, and even Ball Room, and Social Dance music. (With accurate tempos and meters.)

Large repertoire allows up to 5 hours of programming.

Unequaled in flexibility.  In doors, out doors. Powered, or acoustic. Convention center or your living room. Religious, and or ethnic concerns are addressed with sensitivity, and awareness. Perfect solution for multi-generation, multi-ethnic gatherings.

A musical liaison between elements for your event, that works to pull them all together to create the desired effect.


 Imagine for a moment.

The Perfect place, food, scenery, and now the perfect music. Not Recorded! But Live!!

The appropriate texture that can change with the moment and the need.

The people at your event will appreciate how well the food, scenery and presentations are all tied together with appropriate music for the event.

Those who wish to converse, transact business, or just socialize, can. And with the backdrop of music that supports that ambiance.

People who wish to enjoy what they are hearing can move close and enjoy good music played well….for them. Guest, who wishes to transact business, or project an impression, will find the music so conducive. Like the sound track to a good movie.


  • The Sophisticated flow of Sounds of Today, and the fresh reality of the past!
  • Smooth sounds, World Beat, Acoustic Ambient, or Electronica!
  • The quite elegance of classical chamber music.
  • Perhaps the soft majesty of Baroque ceremonial music.
  • The free abandon festiveness of a “Cannon Ball Adderly Group”
  • The Full ON Party of a high octane Be Bop Jazz group.
  • Or, perhaps the dry sophistication of a Stan Getz, or Paul Desmond approach.



I have a “Chamber Funk” ensemble that would make George Clinton smile, but you can put them in your den, and talk. Live, and real!  Great for a Festive Party mood, while maintaining the elegance of evening dress, and stem ware.

  •  There is always the “acoustic reality” that never fails.


  • And cross cultural knowledge for a worldly flavor.


  • Appropriate religious music for religions that might be involved. In your event.

Representational, Ceremonial, or for Worship purposes.  Those request are taken seriously, and planned with taste, and deplume


                                                          “Classical Music”

Repertoire ranges from Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, Modern, and “Contemporary.

Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, or Recorders, with Live Accompaniment. {Piano, Guitar, other Key board instruments, or Cello}

I can provide many suggestions to compliment your occasion perfectly. 



The Ultimate Wedding……

This Blessed event actually took place at a private residence. Coastal Falmouth Maine.  In 2007.  Out doors, and Indoors.


Guest arrival………………Flute and Guitar…..light classical             ………1 hour


Wedding Ceremony………..Flute and Cello….. Light classical           ………  5 selections

Appropriate for Catholic Liturgy, and sacrament.


Après Ceremony, pictures, and social time.         Same ensemble………… …1 hour


Cocktail mixer……………Alto Saxophone and Piano …..Jazz standards…… 2hours


Dinner Music…………….Saxophone Trio………………………………. …… 1hour


Party Music……………..Quintet………………………………………………. 3 hours



Because it was only necessary to trade out accompanying personnel, the music was almost continuous.  The set up, and tear down of equipment was minimal. And that was limited to personal gear. It was Not until the music changed, that people realized a change had taken place.

 All the traditional toast and talk took place.

All the musicians had breaks, and were fed.

Continuous attention to the guest, by the musicians was never interrupted.


An enjoyable atmosphere was maintained all day. Not only was this a memorable event, but the stressors of the day could be handled with grace. 


This control and flexibility could never have been accomplished with a DJ, or recorded music.

And all the while we were acknowledged and appreciated, but anonymous in presents as a part of the seamless fabric of the event.














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