Music Lessons…. Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Classical Recorders

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Clarinets, Flutes, Saxophones, Classical Recorders,

Allen Price is a Woodwind, Multi –Instrumentalist, Concert Piano Tuner Technician, and Music Educator

Currently living in Center City Philadelphia

Retired from Government Service.  Now a Self Employed Freelance Performing Artist and Music Educator



American Federation of Musicians Union Local 9-535

The Theater Musicians Association

The Boston Musicians Association

The National Association of Pastoral and Liturgical Musicians

The National Association of Gospel Choirs

The National Association of Retired Military Musicians

The National Association of Retired Army Officers



Current Employment


 Woodwinds Faculty at the Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz and Performing Arts

Woodwinds Faculty the Music and Arts Corp.

Concert piano tuner-technician in CenterCity


Unique qualifications;

  • 30 years of experience studio teaching.
  • 7years of teaching in the schools. Grades K-12
  • Former Army Trainer.
  • Army Master Fitness Trainer
  • Certified  In Piano Technology, and Applied Acoustic engeneering.
  •  with decades of professional experience


My Teaching Philosophy


 As a music teacher, I seek to share the joy that I have found in music!

The instruments that I teach are wonderful vehicles for a life long  journey of learning, self discovery, and ,  self improvement. This unique perspective can affect every aspect of ones self, in positive, enlightening, and self affirming ways

“If laughter is the pilot light of the soul, then music is the fuel that it burns.”

I love to teach thru a process of self discovery, inspiration, and patient, competent guidance.

This method completes the question/ .answer cycle that is essential to all education.

It is also the bedrock for communication thru music. This approach, gives the student the why, as well as the how of what they are trying to learn. It is the mutual progress thru this process that serves to fuel and inspire me as well.

I have been on a journey of musical discovery for all of my professional life. Like any well seasoned traveler, I delight in sharing the path, and guiding the experience!



Any one can learn to play.

All that is needed is a desire, and some perseverance.

Any age or experience level.

Talent  is ;                             Effort/Time=Work!…(physics101)

Especially Adults!

Music is the perfect hobby!  Many of my students go on to work in music.

Cheaper than therapy, 2x as effective, and more fun than the legal limit!

For most, no special safety equipment is required.

No special shoes.

Trade that nasty gym bag for a gig bag you can carry anywhere, and be proud of..

Learn to Read Music or To Play by ear

Theory;           ( basic to advanced, Traditional, and Jazz)

Improvisation….Jazz or other genres!

Any age… 5 years, to 92       These are the actual age frames that I have taught.


 Any one who wants to learn to play. ……………can.!

Anyone who plays , and wants to improve ,…can !……..And I think I can help you.

 By learning music , you will learn  the necessary skills to succeed at any thing that you wish to try!

Discover your potential!….It is there, waiting for you!

Learning music, is learning success skills..


 Stark Beginners to seasoned pro. For over 30 years Allen Price has maintained  a high rate of success in helping students meet their goals.

  • Better that 90% success rate at reaching or exceeding statet goals!
  • Attrition is about 4 to 7 years depending on the student.
  • Retention is better than 90%, over a 4 year period.


 No matter the style of music, or the level of proficiency, Allen will inspire and guide you to the successful completion of your  goals!


Realize your musical dreams, or goals!.

Discover the Joy of playing

  Clarinet, Flute,  Saxophone, or  Recorder

Music is essential for life long learning.

We (humans) are hard wired for music . It is such an integral part of our being that we have to have it as individuals, and it is recognized as a social institution.

Western society is the only culture on earth that does not openly acknowledge this.

The study of music stimulates brain development in almost every area of the map able brain………..Music is for life!


The Benefits for Children include;

elementary age;    

Social, It is. fun to play music with your friends.

  -keeping up with  the other kids in band class.                                                      

  -It is really fun to learn an instrument, then to get to

  – play songs for people, or just for myself

The required team work is to a higher standard, and more demanding than any team sport!

Yes I am qualified to make that cliam!

middle/Jr.High school age;

-All of the above, but on a more advanced level.

-Getting better for what is down the road.

-Understanding music fundamentals

-More mature coordination supports better technique development.

High school age;

-All those friends that quite by now wish they hadn’t.

-Academic resume……arts are a fundamental requirement!

-Scholarships……more money available than in sports!

-Top grades……music kids are the top accademic achievers!

-Competitions….real ones! No fluff here folks. You earn it, and own it.

-Ensemble playing requires closer team work than Any  team sport!

-Practical application of creative problem solving

-Music is a catalyst for all other subjects. It stimulates creativity, math reasoning, and expressive communication, all at the same time, and on a high level.


All the above plus;

Relaxation, stress reliever

Fun and Rewarding Hobby ,or

Professional……….I have had that happen…. If you want it, you can get it.


Self affirming, great for fostering a positive self image.

Physically , as well as mentally stimulating.

Spiritually stimulating, and highly cultural.

Continuous development of universal life skills, like;….self discipline, and self determination, self reliance, and perseverance.—————————             

What I  am offering;

Adults of all persuasion.

Beginning, intermediate, and advanced….levels.

Clarinet, or Flute, or Saxophone, or Classical Recorders, ….Music Theory

Cheaper than therapy!

No special safety equipment required!

All serious inquires considered!


      Serious Study,          Wicked Good Fun!






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