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Allen Price



Greetings, Salutations, Hola, and Howdy!!

Thank you for visiting my web site!



Worship Musician                         Wood Wind Performer                Music Educator


The first page is just some bio stats, general history, credentials, and then, Product


1.      Worship musician


Ecumenical, Interdenominational

Liturgical, / Pastoral Musician

Instrumentalist, able to Support  existing ensembles, in Liturgy and Worship.  Ceremonies, and or;

Guest solo artist, and or augmentation to existing ensembles.

Christian and Jewish


Ceremonies, and Celebration.


SpecialChurch Day Celebrations





2.      What I do as a performer.

Professional wood wind multi instrumentalist


  • Pit musician,….Show Bands, or Theater Bands
  • Professional Substitute Musician
  • Utility Reed player
  • Recording Sideman



3.Then there is;

The Ambassador Music Service.

(“corporate function” Music support service.)


4.Music Education,   Teacher, Lessons

 Teaching, by sharing the joy that I find in music


5. Bio Stats



2 thoughts on “About

    • Well this was a surprise!!!
      Im sorry I did not get to see your request earlier. I wasn’t being stuck-up, just numb.
      I have not kept up with this website for sometime. Till now.
      Also, It did not give me any notification that a message was in the Que. It usually forwards things to my outlook account.
      So I am really sorry that I missed you. That you reached out is so nice.
      Im sure that you managed to get your piano tuned. But a sincere Thank You, anyway.
      I hope things are going well with the move.
      Please stay in touch.


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